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Wold Newton site

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The website for my upcoming book series






Save a life: Rescue a dog or cat today






Get answers to important pet questions from the experts




Need help quitting smoking?  Go here!




My friend Greg Mitchell's book site








Eddie's brilliant day-to-day chronology




Nathan Butler's excellent long-running Star Wars event-timeline




Rob Mullin's fascinating and unique timeline





JJM's great timeline and list of Marvel appearances.






Dino Jim's new comprehensive timelines and checklists






The book ever Star Wars fan should read





Understand how Star Wars is systematically being erased and by whom

(Temporarily down)








An excellent chronology of the new Clone Wars timeline which incorporates the old stories in relation to the new TV series







Plif lives indeed, Marvel Star Wars stats and loads of fun pages found here!




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This unique site is no longer available






Long forgotten, un-reprinted Star Wars adventures and nonfiction literature.




A comprehensive list of all the books, comics, articles and ideas for Star Wars that never came about...

(Accessible only through the Wayback Machine)




Star Wars Holiday Special

Everything you always wanted (or didn't want) to know about it!




The Official Site






Lord of the Rings Movie News - J.R.R. Tolkien


The most well-known Tolkien site, with regular updates on The Hobbit films



Join Stephen Ryan through his journey through the tales of Middle-Earth (using my timeline no less)!


Home Page







The International Wizard of Oz Club

Membership includes a subscription to The Baum Bugle, discounts on books and merchandise, and other goodies like the annual Oziana magazine of new Oz fiction.





The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website

Loaded with information and news and a bookshop and FAQ and links and all kinds of great Ozzy things!




Hungry Tiger Press Homepage

Hungry Tiger Press: New Oz fiction and comics by Eric Shanower







Tails of the Cowardly Lion and Friends has lots of books






Wonderful Books of Oz

Looking for rare Oz books and ephemera at decent prices? Look no further than the Wonderful Books of Oz.



Grab some facsimile Oz books and some of the Emerald City Press Oz books



The Royal Website of Oz

Jared Davis' newest site includes his blog, image galleries, fan writings, forums and more!





















New official Lost in Space stories by Bill Mumy!



Space Monkey

Great sci-fi links







American Lung Association. Freedom From Smoking Online

Help quitting smoking



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