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The following are in harmony with the Sovereign Sixty

and the later stories found on the mainline timeline


How The Adventurers Returned Home, by Jared Davis

Ever wonder how the characters from the Queer Visitors from the Marvelous Land of Oz strip got back home? Wonder no more.  In Jared Davis' "How The Adventurers Returned Home," the conclusion to the Baum newspaper strips is finally told!


The Great Jinjin Epilogue, by Melody Grandy

Melody Grandy's short "The Great Jinjin Epilogue" is the conclusion to the story "The Great Jinjin" published in Oziana 2001 (and The Seven Blue Mountains of Oz: Book 3: Zim Greenleaf of Oz). Originally available on the Nonestica Yahoo online forum, it's now featured here.


Prelude, by Jeff Rester

A tale of remorse and madness, Jeff Rester's "Prelude" is a chilling lead-in to a much longer forthcoming work, Death Comes to Oz, and reveals the heretofore unknown revelation of a certain familiar personage from Baum's books who chose not to stay in Oz!


The Triumph of the Wicked Witch of the West, by Nathan DeHoff

Not all is good and green in the aftermath of Lurline's enchantment of Oz, as the Wicked Witch of the West begins blazing a path through the Winkie Country consolidating power.


The following stories are parodies or humor pieces


The Evil Author of Oz, by Aaron Solomon Adelman

The wickedly funny "The Evil Author of Oz" shows what happens when author and Oz fan Aaron Solomon Adelman attempts to rewrite Oz history in his image!  And scroll down for a "lost" fit from The Hunting of the Snark


The Broker's Mistake is a poem that shows what might be the back-story of a certain animal-character in Oz.


Muppets in Oz, by Richard Paul Smyers

In Richard Paul Smyers' Muppets in Oz, (no relation to the TV-movie with Ashanti), Jim Henson's creation comes to Oz.  See if you can figure out who the special guest star is that Ozma whipped up for the show.


Note: Two of the novellas originally available here have since been published in book form. You can find Time Travelers in Oz by Paul Dana, the sequel The Lost Boy of Oz, a formerly unpublished sequel and a new short story in the book The Law of Oz and Other Stories (available for purchase here!)





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